"Following a life changing emotional injury I visited jo, initially, as I hadn't slept properly for about 18 months.  Jo was reassuring and immediately put me at ease and after just one visit my sleep was restored.  I continued to visit and she has restored my emotional balance and helped me through the most difficult times.  I cannot recommend Jo highly enough."

"I have had fibromyalgia (chronic pain/fatigue/brain-fog) for many years; I have tried all sorts of remedies, including those recommended by NHS specialists. Some have worked to an extent (including anti-depressants), but nothing wiped out the constant pain entirely. I approached Jo for help via systematic kinesiology; I admit to being sceptical initially but, after three treatments, I have had only a very few mild twinges of fibro pain. My life has improved dramatically, and I can't recommend Jo highly enough."
"I went to see Jo when I was at my wits end. I had broken my wrist about 9 months previously & after endless physio at the hospital & exercising twice a day I couldn't lift my arm beyond my shoulder. At 63 yrs old I thought I would never "get over" it. My daughter recmend Jo. To be honest... I didn't believe in Kinesiology. Thought it mumbo jumbo. But I was desperate. I couldn't sleep because of the pain & putting a coat on was a struggle. I went to see Jo. I can't describe what she did & to this day, still don't understand it. BUT. After one treatment I could lift my arm higher than I could for months. The relief was enormous & I cried. I don't believe in magic but Jo Brewer......You are a miracle worker in my eyes. Thank you so much."