Jo Brewer


Diplomate Member of the Kinesiology Association

Kinesiology Diploma Cert

Nutritional Therapist Cert

Anatomy and Physiology Cert

Accredited First Aider

Covid 19 Infection Control Cert

My journey with Kinesiology began around 12 years ago when I sought help for tennis elbow, which after 18 months of 'conventional' medicine failed to relieve the condition.  Two Kinesiology appointments later I had absolutely no pain in my elbow and have never suffered with tennis elbow since.  That in itself was great, but an amazing 'side-effect' of the treatment had me hooked - a wonderful sense of wellbeing and an incredible amount of energy that I had not felt in years.  So Kinesiology became my default 'go to' whenever I had aches and pains, digestion problems, was feeling low or just needed a boost - in fact any health issue, physical or emotional.


When my Kinesiologist retired abroad, my search for a new practitioner led me into training to become a Systematic Kinesiology practitioner myself.

I already knew that Kinesiology was amazing, but I can honestly say throughout three years of training I have been, and still am,  constantly astounded by the vast array of techniques that can be employed to empower our bodies and minds to heal.  It is a real privilege to support clients through their healing journey,  whether it's a new, short term health issue or a long term chronic illness.  


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