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I aim to reveal the underlying causes of my clients' physical and mental health issues, and identify natural, gentle, yet powerful solutions to restore their body's innate healing ability. My own introduction to Kinesiology came about after years of persistent tennis elbow - not the most earth-shattering condition but it really impacted both my physical abilities and mood.   It took me far to long to realise that the prescribed anti-inflammatory pain killers, and further drugs to manage side-effects, were not curing the tennis elbow, but just masking the discomfort.   A friend recommended a local 'therapist' and although sceptical I was desperate to be pain-free.  Not only did he completely eradicated the tennis elbow in just two sessions,  I also felt an overall improvement in my demeanor, energy levels, and general wellbeing - I can only describe it as my body being 'switched back on'.   Ever since then the first point of call for me and my family's health issues was this amazing Kinesiologist! Years later, when redundancy offered the opportunity for change, to choose a new path, I just knew I wanted to train in Kinesiology, and so my journey started.  I learned how all the systems and organs within our bodies are interrelated and work together to form a 'whole';  that our symptoms are the messengers, not the disease;  that our emotional and mental health cannot be separated from our physical health.  I am passionate about what I do - treating my clients as a whole being, not individual parts, and helping their bodies and minds heal from the inside out.



  • Diplomate Member of the Kinesiology

  • Kinesiology Diploma Cert

  • Nutritional Therapist Cert

  • Anatomy and Physiology Cert

  • Accredited First Aider

  • Covid 19 Infection Control Cert

  • Award in Education and Training

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