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what to expect at your treatment


A complimentary telephone chat with Jo, so you can ask questions and find out more before commiting to an appointment


For first time clients.  Your first appointment, which includes a full health and life-style consultation, and a full  minute treatment.


For returning clients who need further treatments or on-going maintenance for chronic and long-term issues.


For newborns through to age 16.  These sessions are shorter to avoid potential overwhelm or anxiety.


Save money with a package of 3 sessions.  For new clients this is an Initial Consultation and Treatment, plus 2 Follow-ups, or for existing clients 3 Follow-up Treatments.

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What to expect at your treatment

Your first session begins with a full consultation and case history so I can fully understand your health issues and what changes you are hoping to achieve.  Then you will receive a 60 minute Kinesiology treatment.


This is carried out on a therapy couch, fully clothed (preferably loose comfortable clothing, such as leggings or sportswear).  You will be asked to remove shoes and any electronic devices (mobile phones, Fitbits or similar) for the duration of treatment.   Muscle response testing is carried out by placing arms or legs in a variety of positions and assessing how well the relevant muscles function by applying gentle pressure.  This testing indicates what 'imbalances' need addressing within your body, and also identifies what treatment or techniques are required to restore balance and health. .


A​ wide variety of techniques are employed to strengthen and re-balance the muscles' circuits and related organs, systems and energy pathways to support healing.  Techniques include neuro-lymphatic massage, stimulating acupressure points, energy meridian work and identifying nutritional requirements. Bach Flower Remedies may also be used to support emotional imbalances.

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