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Anxious Teens

(+ pre-teens and young adults)

Condensed sessions for teens, pre-teens and young adults suffering with anxiety, panic attacks or similar conditions.

Fears and worries are part of life for all adults and children but when the intensity of the worry is out of proportion for a situation, or everything is a worry, it could be classed as anxiety.    It can be difficult for young people to understand or express how they feel and they may experience a variety of distressing symptoms such as increased heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, shaking and nausea. 

Whilst Kinesiology is not a talking therapy or counselling, it can have a profound impact on how the mind and body respond to triggers.  Kinesiology muscle response testing can tap into the subconscious mind, revealing root causes of anxiety, and once these are established, various techniques to reduce anxious reactions are carried out.   

Before treatment, Jo will talk with you, as parents, and with your child (if appropriate) to get a good idea of symptoms, triggers and as much relevant information as possible.  This can be by telephone or online, and is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions.  Treatment is on a one to one basis, with one parent present, and tailored to meet each child's own unique requirements.   Jo often recommends exercises/activities to be carried out at home to consolidate benefits the Kinesiology treatment. The number of treatments can vary - some children find a significant improvement with one treatment, and others may benefit from additional sessions.    This is usually dependent on the severity and time-span of symptoms.

The techniques used can help ....

  • improve self-esteem

  • minimise triggers

  • balance the vagus nerve (responsible for reducing effects of anxiety - see my blog about the vagus nerve here)

  • release past stress/trauma

  • calm down the nervous system

  • balance the endocrine (glandular) system

  • change how memories are stored

Sometimes, nutritional supplements may be recommended to support clients in the short term.*

Fees are £35 per 45 minute treatment (includes phone consultation, communication, and follow-up advice)

* nutritional supplements charged separately.  

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