Kinesiology treatment
Kinesiology Muscle Testing
Kinesiology Muscle Testing

Why Learn Kinesiology

Imagine ....... being able improve health and wellbeing for yourself, your family and others.

​Kinesiology muscle testing techniques provide a means of ‘reading’ the body and mind to find where imbalances may be causing health and wellness issues.  What’s more, it reveals what is required to restore balance and help the healing process.   You will begin to understand the body, its organs and systems, and be equipped  with all the basic techniques to assist your friends, family and potentially clients, in their return to good health.

No other modality incorporates emotional, nutritional, chemical, structural and physical realms of the body together with meridians and other energetical systems in its all-encompassing holistic approach to allowing the body to recover its good health. 


If you are already in the health and well-being industry, learning how to muscle test can elevate your practice, provide precise and invaluable access to definitive answers.

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Absolutely anyone! If you are over eighteen, with an open and inquisitive mind and a willingness to embark on an exciting journey of discovery, then this is for you.

  • Anyone who would love to improve their own well-being and assist friends and family in their journey to happiness and good health.

  • For those interested in a career change: the foundation course is the first step and a pre-requisite for those wishing to advance to practitioner level and become a fully qualified, professional Kinesiologist.

  • Qualified health and wellness practitioners who want to extend their skills and knowledge to provide a deeper layer to their existing treatments and also ensure treatment and recommendations (e.g. of remedies, products, etc) are tailored to the unique needs of each individual client. Nutritionists, GPs, homeopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, reflexologists, massage therapists, essential oil specialists, and other practitioners have been astounded by the benefits that kinesiology has brought to their roles.


Foundation Level Course


The foundation course consists of:


  • 12 full days of class training 

  • 330 page comprehensive colour manual, and additional handouts to supplement techniques

  • Magnet (used in some treatments - explained during the course)

  • Nutritional Test Kit

  • Final learner assessment and certification

  • Foundation level membership of the Kinesiology Association for 12 months

  • Access to online support training material including videos of Foundation level techniques

  • Regular newsletters / updates including access to seminars and webinars


You can expect home study of approximately 1-2 hours per week and need to complete 25 case studies (kinesiology practice carried out on friends and family between training days).

The course is usually taught 1 weekend per month, over 6 months, but some flexibility may be possible in agreement with myself and all students.


The learning material, syllabus and and course fee is set by our professional body, the Kinesiology Association.  The content underwent a complete review in 2020 to ensure this course offers the most up to date training in Kinesiology. You will receive thorough training in muscle testing and kinesiology ‘correction’ techniques which can be used safely and with confidence - on yourself, friends & family (and clients if you are already a qualified health practitioner). There is a strong emphasis on practical work throughout, so you will get plenty of hands-on practice of all the techniques you learn.


All Kinesiology Association tutors are accredited by the Association, have practiced for a minimum of 3 years as professional kinesiologists, and hold an Award in Education in Training at level 3 or equivalent, so quality of provision is assured. 


Course fees for foundation course training are ₤1,395 (option for instalments available)

Course Dates

Spring/Summer 2022

9:30am - 5:00pm each day

Module one:      
Module two:       
Module three:    
Module four:      
Module five:      
Module six:       

Thu/Fri 19th & 20th May
Thu/Fri 30th Jun & 1st Jul
Thu/Fri 28th & 29th July
Thu/Fri 8th & 9th Aug
Thu/Fri 6th & 7th Oct
Thu/Fri 3rd & 4th Nov