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South West School of Kinesiology

Tutors: Jo Brewer and Barbara Mastropirro

One Day Workshop

Kinesiology One Day Workshop

Curious about Kinesiology?

Do you want to know how Kinesiology can help you and your family?

Are you a qualified therapist or healer interested in extending your skills?

Would you like to become a holistic health practitioner?

Kinesiology is an holistic method of health care that allows access to the body's innate knowledge to uncover the root causes of symptoms.  Non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful techniques help locate imbalances and stresses in our bodies and minds,  and identify natural solutions to restore balance and promote healing.Included in our One Day Workshop:


  • Introduction to muscle response testing

  • Experience Kinesiology for yourself

  • Find out how Kinesiology techniques can identify root causes of symptoms

  • Simple food testing techniques

  • Demonstration of balancing the digestive system

  • Emotional/mental imbalances & Bach Flower remedies

  • 6 simple, effective energy techniques to use on yourself, family and friends

  • Question and Answer session

  • Discount vouchers for treatment session and/or Foundation course deposit.

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