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New Blog (hopefully ......)

I have to admit I'm a blog virgin, so potentially absolutely no-one will be reading this apart from me. I figured if I could work my way around Wix to create my own website, then how difficult can it be to create a blog? We shall see ......

Until this week, writing blog was a goal, but felt like an insurmountable task on top of full-time self-employment. Now I have no excuses and nowhere to hide (apart from my own home because no-one's allowed to come and find me :)

Those that know me, know I love Kinesiology and the incredible difference it can make to our health, well-being and lives. Although I'm not able to practice right now I hope to still support you - initially with advice on the best foods and nutrients to support your immune system.

It is constantly drummed into us, quite rightly, that antibiotics do not fight viral infections, like colds, flu and the new coronavirus, so the best form of defence if exposed to the virus is our own immune system.

I do hope this first ever Blog gets off the ground!

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Great - look forward to reading your blog :)


😁 well done xx

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