What to expect from your treatment


At your first kinesiology treatment I will spend some time gathering information so that I have a good idea of the reason for your visit and any health issues (physical or emotional, past and present).  Then you lie on a therapy bed, fully clothed, and I carry out a number of muscle tests by applying gentle pressure.  A weak or 'spongy' response can indicate an imbalance in the related organ, meridian or system within the body.   


Once any potential problems (imbalances) are detected, a variety of techniques are employed to restore balance and strengthen the muscle's circuit including: neuro-lymphatic massage, stimulating acupressure points, energy meridian work and identifying nutritional requirements.  Bach Flower Remedies may also be used to support emotional imbalances.


More often than not, clients can feel for themselves when a muscle response is impaired and then how strong it becomes after these techniques have been carried out, which indicates balance has been restored.


An immediate improvement may be felt after just one treatment, but sometimes more treatments are recommended to completely resolve issues.

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